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My Favorite Photography and Nature Websites

Sep-09-2012 - My Favorite Photography and Nature Websites - The main reason why I chose to concentrate on wildlife and nature photography was my interest towards the nature itself. I do other kinds of photography as well, but nature photography and especially wildlife photography… Read more

Bird photos from the monsoon season

Jan-25-2014 - Bird photos from the monsoon season

Tags: bird, eagle, bee eater, cuckoo

Other work has kept me busy and away from my camera, but I still managed to get out to nature couple of times during the monsoon. Now we've enjoyed dry weather for awhile and I've managed to get out a lot more but more about that later. First, couple of updates from the wet season. I've had great moments in nature recently but unfortunately haven't been able to capture only few on memory cards. Here's a couple of birds from the beginning of the monsoon from different locations around Thailand. More updates to follow. Read more

Fulgoridae aka Lanternbug or Lanternfly

Fulgoridae aka Lanternbug

These fulgoridae also known as lantern bugs or flies are not actually flies but related to cicadas. I see them every now and then during treks and they come in different beautiful… Read more

Asian Paradise Flycatcher nesting

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Posted on Jun-13-2013
Tags: bird, nesting, flycatcher

Just before the current monsoon started, I managed to capture a couple of photos of Asian Paradise Flycatcher couple building a nest. When I first walked past the nest I saw… Read more

Night Photography with Barn Owls

Night Photography with Barn Owls

I spotted this Barn Owl family one night after returning to my hotel at Chiang Rai. I stopped outside to make a phone call and heard the calls of the chicks coming from above… Read more

Black Bazas over Chiang Mai

Black Bazas

Posted on Feb-17-2013
Tags: Bird, Chiang Mai, Bird of Pray, Birding

While recently visiting Chiang Mai I had a couple of hours to spare one morning. As I had my camera with me I wanted to do some bird watching and maybe take couple of photos.… Read more

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